My name is Madison Parker and I am a videogame environment artist living in Seattle, Washington.
I am currently working at Bungie on Destiny.
I previously worked at Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider, released March 2013.

My resume may be found here.

Examples of my work below.

ESCAPE CHALLENGE (2013) || Unreal Development Kit
I participated in the Escape Challenge at as a member of a team of five. I created and UV'd custom meshes with a special "procedural" textural method developed by my teammate Andrew Maximov. Out of almost 70 entries our team took second place.

TOMB RAIDER (released 2013) || Crystal Dynamics
From 2011 to 2012 I had the great pleasure of working with the incredibly talented team at Crystal Dynamics on Tomb Raider. My role was cinematics artist, which consisted of creating assets and environments for cinematics, and lighting for cutscenes and set-piece sequences. I also scripted together systems for triggering lighting sequences and postprocess work in-engine to run cinematics in realtime. Below are some screens of the almost 2 hours worth of cinematics I was responsible for.